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Data labeling platform Snorkel AI has recently secured $85 million in a Series C funding round, bringing its valuation to an impressive $1 billion. The funding was co-led by Addition and funds managed by BlackRock, with participation from other investors [1]. Snorkel AI, a company powered by programmatic data labeling, offers a data-centric AI platform that enables data scientists and developers to build AI applications using machine learning tools for dataset labeling and management [5]. This latest funding round highlights the growing importance of data labeling in the field of artificial intelligence and positions Snorkel AI as a key player in the industry.

Enhancing AI Development with Programmatic Data Labeling

Programmatic data labeling lies at the core of Snorkel AI’s platform. By automating the process of data labeling, Snorkel AI enables data scientists and developers to accelerate the development of AI models. Traditional data labeling methods are often time-consuming and require manual effort, which can hinder the scalability and efficiency of AI projects. Snorkel AI’s programmatic approach allows users to generate high-quality labeled datasets at scale, significantly reducing the time and resources required for training AI models [1].

Snorkel AI’s platform leverages machine learning techniques to create labeling functions that automatically label data based on patterns and heuristics. These labeling functions are then combined using Snorkel Flow, an end-to-end system that manages the entire data labeling pipeline. The platform also provides tools for debugging and refining labeling functions, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the labeled datasets [1].

Series C Funding Round and Valuation

The recent Series C funding round, led by Addition and BlackRock, has provided Snorkel AI with $85 million in capital [1]. This investment brings the total funding raised by the company to date to over $135 million [5]. The participation of BlackRock, one of the world’s largest investment management firms, highlights the growing interest in AI and data labeling technologies from institutional investors [1].

The $1 billion valuation achieved by Snorkel AI is a significant milestone for the company. It places Snorkel AI in the unicorn club, a term used to describe privately held startups valued at $1 billion or more. This valuation reflects the market’s recognition of the potential of programmatic data labeling in driving AI innovation [2].

Expanding Opportunities in AI Development

Snorkel AI’s platform has already gained traction among data scientists and developers, enabling them to build AI applications more efficiently. The funding secured in the Series C round will allow Snorkel AI to further enhance its platform and expand its capabilities. The company plans to invest in research and development, hiring top talent, and expanding its customer base [3].

The demand for AI technologies continues to grow across various industries, including healthcare, finance, and autonomous vehicles. However, the lack of labeled training data remains a significant challenge in developing accurate and reliable AI models. Snorkel AI’s programmatic data labeling platform addresses this challenge by providing a scalable solution for generating labeled datasets, enabling organizations to accelerate their AI development efforts [4].


Snorkel AI’s recent funding round and $1 billion valuation underscore the increasing importance of programmatic data labeling in the field of AI development. By automating the process of data labeling, Snorkel AI enables data scientists and developers to build AI applications more efficiently. The participation of BlackRock and Addition in the funding round demonstrates the growing interest from institutional investors in AI and data labeling technologies. With its enhanced capital, Snorkel AI is well-positioned to further innovate and expand its platform, driving advancements in the field of AI development.